My Awesome Choco Prince (A Story Of Victory And Guilt)

It was 1958, I  just turned four years old and I visited Kindergarten. This was me. In Kindergarten, when it was somebody's birthday, the teachers used to get a nice piece of chocolate, a big biscuit or a piece of cake. The kids got a tiny sweet little sweetie. Nice….better than nothing…..but not awesome or [...]

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In which area of your life do you feel stuck?

I ask you this question because I would love to know what it really is that my readers and clients are struggling with. For instance, many of my clients struggle with perfectionism. Of course there are things that just need to be perfect. A wedding dress or heart surgery for instance. This is not the kind [...]

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Addictions keep us stuck

And I am not talking about alcohol or drug addictions. I am talking about behaviour and patterns we've created for ourselves that make us feel good (safe, comfortable etc.). Those that seem so normal and obvious to us (and most of the time to our environment) that we have no clue that this is addictive behaviour [...]

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Why change is difficult

We all have this experience especially around the end of the year. We decide to change one of our bad habits. Willpower helps us the first few days, sometimes weeks, to overcome the struggle and the pain that is being caused by our change of behaviour. One weak moment and we fall back to old [...]

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Hey manager, how do you manage yourself?

A manager is only human. He has a private life, a family, he definitely  has a body with its usual ups and downs, he has an emotional life. Managing his team is what he excels in, it's his greatest joy and this is his expertise! Are you this guy who is a CEO or an entrepreneur or [...]

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Procrastinate, postpone ……that is all ok!!!

Tomorrow never comes! That is what they say… But is that true? Sometimes it really is necessary to postpone, procrastinate and ponder over things. It can even be really useful and profiterable to linger over and even avoid the hot issue, turn around the bush…… Do not do what you really should do! Just don’t. [...]

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Effortless communication through letting go of wants!

Imagine you have a meeting with one of your employees or colleagues. The relationship with this person has been sort of troubled for years.. Why? You don't know. You sense something but you have no clue why it feels as if this person does not like you. Because that's how it feels: "He doesn't like [...]

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CEO at home with burnout symptoms. Hush, nobody should know!

The other day I read an article in a Dutch paper about CEO's and famous entrepreneurs who break down at a certain moment in their career. I am sure that in this era burnout is showing its ugly face in many layers of our society. But especially topmanagers and CEO's are having a hard time! They [...]

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Vette pech of toch niet?

Wat is dit nu weer voor een blogtitel? Wel een die de lading dekt. Toen ik deze zomer aan het verhuizen was werd mijn auto  zomaar opeens keihard in de flank aangereden. (Met mij er in wel te verstaan). En wel zo hard dat allebei de auto's total loss waren. Het was niet mijn schuld. Vette pech zou [...]

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Emotie op het werk geen taboe meer

Laatst las ik een artikel over emoties als 'handig gereedschap', waarmee werkgevers door boos of blij te zijn hun medewerkers kunnen sturen en waarmee politici hun kiezers kunnen beïnvloeden. Bijzonder hoogleraar sociale psychologie Gerben van Kleef deed er onderzoek naar en schreef er een boek over : "Op het gevoel." (Hoe we elkaar beïnvloeden met [...]

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