In which area of your life do you feel stuck?

In which area of your life do you feel stuck?

I ask you this question because I would love to know what it really is that my readers and clients are struggling with. For instance, many of my clients struggle with perfectionism. Of course there are things that just need to be perfect. A wedding dress or heart surgery for instance. This is not the kind of perfectionism I am talking about here.

What I am talking about here is the need to have everything perfect in your life that can ruin your overall happiness. You may feel a lot of stress because in your opinion things never seem finished or perfect, you are never really happy or completely relaxed... It also seems you are never good enough...

This is very tiring and can bring us down immensely. The thing is, we are most of the time not at all aware that this immense fatigue is caused by the belief that we will only be happy when everything in life is perfect.

In another blog on this site I write about addiction that keeps us stuck and one of those addictions can be the belief that you think that only by being perfect you are good enough and important! In other words, perfection can be an addiction!

Finding what the source of your belief is and eliminating these limiting and sabotaging addictions will give you a lot of space and freedom.

You are probably a perfectionist if you

  • procrastinatealot,putthingsoffbecauseit’snot(never)rightyet
  • feelasifeverythinginlifeneedsyourfull100%commitmentotherwiseyouwillfail
  • finishonething,haveit‘perfect’andthenimmediatelythenextissuewillpopupthatneedstobe done perfectly
  • feelsomethingisalwaysholdingyoubacktoperform
  • noticethatyouhaveobsessivethoughtsandjudgmentsinallareasofyourlife...

    The suggestion here is not to give up your high standards all together. Learn to pursue healthy high standards that make you happy and that give great results.
    If you learn how to recognize these sabotaging patterns and how to release them , there will be a lot of new space and energy to fully enjoy your tasks, your life, your relationships.
    Which belief makes you feel stuck? Which belief makes you procrastinate or feel tired and depressed? Here are some more examples where we can feel stuck:
  • youdon’tknowwhatdirectiontogo(personallyorinbusiness)
  • youneedtomakeachoiceandkeepprocrastinatingadecision
  • youfeelthereissomuchmoretolifethanjustthisandyoudidnotfollowyourheart
  • youthinkeither/or,blackandwhiteandsoyoumakechangeseemimpossible
  • ourbodyisslowingusdown,weblamethebodyfornotmakingthechangeswewouldlovetomake

    etc. etc.Let me know ! I am so looking forward to your replies. I would love to help you get unstuck!

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