I'm Liesbeth

The face behind Sedona.coach

I was always interested in change

Can a person really change and break the patterns that give them their so called 'personality'? When I was younger I looked at the answers of that question outside myself: other job, another career or a new house... but change happens inside out, not outside in... It looked impossible in the beginning of my journey but I know now that everything is possible and limitations are an illusion.

It's not easy in the beginning...

All change is hard and painful in the beginning and like this beautiful insect we hold on to the last straw for as long as we can. Until the time has come to let go.  Eventually it is all about changing familiar patterns, comfortable and safe beliefs that no longer serve us. Recognizing and releasing those attachments and aversions to those familiair habits and patterns is the starting point to realizing our dreams and transforming our lives! Freedom, happiness and a sense of safety are underneath all of our beliefs and patterns. We access them as soon as we start releasing the stories that are on top of them.

Is there more to life than just this?

4. This four year old me already knew that life in the village where she grew up seemed safe and fun but that there is so much more! When a group of gypsies set up their camp near our village I was so happy and excited! I invited a whole family to my house (my mum almost got a heart-attack) and for me it was such a relief that the world was much bigger with so many different kinds of people! Every time in my life the same theme: will I stay comfortable and safe or do I want to be free and take a risk popped up. (And I usually chose for the risky option).

Looking for truth and happiness in India

24. My deep interest in other cultures continued in the 70’s and at a pretty young age I traveled to India because that was where I thought true wisdom could be found. And of course this wisdom presented itself in the form of the guru! It was an amazing time and I learned so much. Even though I had some really good teachers throughout my life, the real guru is the relationship, kids, illness, loneliness, divorce, disease or the death of a

loved one. The real guru is life itself.

Using the challenges as opportunities to grow instead of being victimized by them was the greatest gift I've given myself

54. Life has its ups and downs. For most of us, life merely seems to be about having (and keeping) as many “ups” as possible and avoiding the “downs” as best as we can. And this takes up -and wastes- so much of our precious energy.

Noticing and acknowledging our automatic patterns, habits and behaviors that we created to gain happiness and avoid pain is the first step to freedom! 

In 2006 I found out about the Sedona Method and since then I went to Sedona retreats and coachtrainings as much as possible! Sometimes even twice a year. I decided to spend the rest of my life helping others release their worries and pain with this Method. I am forever grateful for Hale Dwoskin and Lester Levenson!           

It would be a joy and privilege to guide you along this path of finding your true nature. I’d love to help you let go of of blaming and judging and beating up yourself (and/or your environment) and help you discover who you really are.           

Now I am 68 years old

Age is just a number. While I get older I am less interested in the superficial and I actually like aging! Acceptance and surrender are words I used when I was 30 years old but only now I really get the meaning. Only now I surrender and accept.

I’ve helped hundreds of people find their limiting beliefs and let those beliefs and patterns unfold, unravel and dissipate. The result of us working together is that there will be clarity and transparency where right now there may be chaos and uncertainty.

It's my joy to help you get unstuck! Once you are unstuck, you will be able again to have access to joy, happiness and bliss!   

Life itself taught me that everything painful and difficult always opened a door to something I was not able to see in that moment: beauty, freedom, succes and love. 

Apart from being a happy child, there was an anxiousness in the background. Always. As if that fear belonged to me and was about me and who I was. I was unconsciously always prepared and expecting something terrible to happen. I actually thought that everybody had this kind of fear, that it was normal. Only when I was about 50 I finally could see that this unconscious pattern wanted to keep me 'safe' and that it had nothing to do with here and now and the apparent 'me'. That was such a relief and releasing this pattern and other patterns have opened a whole new world for me. Stuff really really feels real but it isn't. We can learn how to release this and set it free and finally access our true amazing potential!

Would you also like to break habits and patterns and get clarity and insights where your stumbling blocks are so that you can easily make new and better choices?

What can I do for you?

Where are you now, where do you want to be and what are the obstacles? Perhaps you are a coach, trainer, therapist and you would like to add another amazing tool to your toolbox or maybe you recognize something in my story and you are inspired to give a new meaning and direction to your life. In a 30 minute talk we can take a look and see what I can do for you.