As your coach, my primary goal is to help you grow, get into the flow of life and flourish like never before!

On top of that

  • We will reorganize your life the way you want it to be, not how it should be
  • You will have time and energy again for hobbies and other interests
  • You will be more in touch and aligned with your body and your feelings
  • You will know what to do when worry, anxiety or apathy rear their ugly heads
  • You’ll be more open and spontaneous and you’ll even start to expect the unexpected (which is fun!)
  • You will feel safe and in control under any circumstance
  • You will feel much more connected and passionate in your relationships


My philosophy and core process

The key to a successful change is to take a completely different approach to what it is you have been struggling with and practice this new approach (sometimes the opposite of what we are used to doing) as if it is your own.

An example
Getting unstuck when you feel stuck seems impossible until you totally welcome and accept the feeling of being stuck.

Even just reading this sentence might invite resistance; see if you can welcome that resistance as well. Of course you resist that! You have invested all these years in trying to get rid of stuckness (stress, anger, frustration, being overwhelmed) and now you are being asked to accept it, or even worse, welcome it? The mind protests. But do it anyway. And remember: The unconscious mind hates and resists change!


During coaching, we will satisfy your mind as much as is necessary in order to have it cooperate. Our mind is a great servant but a terrible master!! Once you understand why this will work you will want to bring this knowledge to practice! With just a little practice, some of these tools will blow you away with their results.

Why is this approach unique?

I have made a unique and useful combination of the world’s best releasing techniques and belief-eliminating programs that have their roots in non-duality. I can offer you a very efficient and complete program to work with where the mind (understanding, knowing) is not excluded. In this program, you will understand, implement (embody) and work with tools that will get you into action and change your life as a result.

I now know that we can change the meanings that we have given to the events in our lives and that we can therefore change our perceptions and our futures. I want to share with you how this can be done.



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