3 month individual Sedona Method releasing Program

As your Sedona Method coach, my primary goal is to help you grow, get into the flow of life and flourish like never before!


On top of that

  • Your life will be reorganized the way you want it to be
  • You will have time and energy again for hobbies and other interests
  • You will be more in touch and aligned with your body and feelings
  • You will know what to do when worry, anxiety or apathy rear their ugly heads
  • You’ll be more open and spontaneous and you’ll even start to expect the unexpected (which is fun!) •You will feel safe and in control under any circumstance
  • You will feel much more connected and passionate in your relationships
  • You start experiencing abundance in all areas of your life

Can you be open for a real change?

The key to a successful change is to take a completely different approach to what it is you have been struggling with and practice this new approach (sometimes the opposite of what we are used to doing) as if it is your own. We will use the Sedona Method to make this amazing change.

An example:
Getting unstuck when you feel stuck seems impossible until you totally welcome and accept the feeling of being stuck.

Even just reading this sentence might invite resistance; see if you can welcome that resistance as well. Of course you resist that! You have invested all these years in trying to get rid of stuckness (stress, anger, frustration, being overwhelmed) and now you are being asked to accept it, or even worse, welcome it? The mind protests. But do it anyway. And remember: The unconscious mind hates and resists change!

During coaching, we will satisfy your mind as much as is necessary in order to have it cooperate. Our mind is a great servant but a terrible master. Once you understand why this will work you will want to bring this knowledge to practice! With just a little practice, some of these tools will blow you away with their results. In a matter of days or weeks! Releasing with the Sedona Method will blow your mind and open your heart. You will experience flow immediately.

Why is this approach unique?

    I have made a unique and useful one on one program using the Sedona Method and other belief-eliminating tools that have their roots in non-duality. I offer you a very efficient and complete program to work with. In this program, you will understand, implement (embody) and work with tools that will get you into action and change your life as a result.

    You learn how to change the meaning that you gave to certain events in your life. As a result you will change your perception and your future. I love to share with you how this can be done and how we can free ourselves from those old patterns. Once the 'releasing' has become a habit, like breathing, you will pick the fruits of your practice. Your life will change for the better. I will be your accountability partner for 3 months!

Rebecca found her husband and quit smoking effortlessly

When I started working with Liesbeth I had been doing a little bit of releasing on my own. I was living as a single mother and at that time I was exhausted from life and I couldn´t work. I felt I needed help.

When Liesbeth and I had our first session I immediately felt something light up inside. Liesbeth is a very warm and genuine person and she made me feel safe and I could feel that she was interested in helping me.

After that it didn´t take long before I started to have gains. The biggest one is

that I quit smoking with absolutely zero effort. It just didn't give me anything anymore.  I had smoked for over twenty years and never ever thought I could stop!

Then I met my husband after being alone for many years. So what Liesbeth

helped me with was to clear away the stuff that was preventing me from having

these things. And it was so easy!

Rebecca from Sweden

Your New Life

    This life-changing program is a one-on-one service and consists of a well considered and proven step-by-step course for men and women who are or have been successful in business and in life but currently find themselves unsatisfied and stuck.

    In weekly zoom-calls, we will implement a plan to get your life and happiness back. During this program, you will get excited about your life again, you will be more in touch with your feelings, know how to handle stress and overwhelm and regain your confidence and joie de vivre!

    You will get weekly assignments and personalized audio's with Sedona Method release-exercises. The action steps that you will be asked to take during this course may stress you a little, but don’t worry, they are designed to be achieved with confidence. Change will happen and the immediate benefits will be so rewarding!

    The following is a rough outline. Because this is a one-on-one service, it will always be adapted and designed specifically for your situation.

Phase 1: Clean Up

We start with where you are now, honestly and uncompromisingly. And this is actually a great starting point because from this moment on it will only get better!

You will learn from your “life story” -but without getting into the 'story'; this is not psychotherapy. However, understanding where your limiting beliefs come from can be helpful. Because you will realize that you made it all up yourself. This way, together we will eliminate those beliefs. We will also acknowledge and localise your energy-takers.

Which thoughts, which events, what kind of people or places bring you down? Is there still a benefit in maintaining them? You will also find out about your addictions (negative self-talk, perhaps) and gain tools to free yourself from repetitive thoughts, habits and behavior. We will start releasing with the Sedona Method from day one.

Phase 2: Know Yourself

What is actually your heart’s deepest desire? And will you be able to allow yourself to really be in touch with it? We are not talking about “desires” or “needs” that come from feeling some kind of lack. We are talking about what makes you happy, enthusiastic and fulfilled. What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Getting (back) in touch with this energy is the goal of this phase in the program.

What is your life purpose? This is a big question, but essential to a break-through. Once you know what your life purpose is, we can take the next step. In order to plan this route, you will have to find out where you want to go. You are now ready to take action, make some real changes and prepare to stick with those changes. Releasing the obstacles and limitations gives you new energy and zest. You will start believing in the end-result!

Phase 3: Awesome Creation

What is your end-game? By now, you know which direction to go. Together we will take action to get there – real life action. Along the way, I will teach you how to effortlessly release negative beliefs, feelings and patterns that have kept you from reaching your goal in the past and that will no doubt reappear.

We will do this together so that you will not fall back into your old patterns. And if you do, it doesn't matter because you know by now how to move on and which of the Sedona Method tools works best for you! I am your accountability partner all the way!

Your investment for this life-changing 3 month program is


What do you get exactly?

12 sessions, one every week

a report after each session

personalized audio-releases to listen to on your phone

the possibility to call me in between sessions for a short release when necessary (panic, emergency, stuckness etc.)