Bad luck or not?

What kind of blog title is this again? One that covers the load. When I was moving this summer, my car was suddenly hit hard in the side. (With me in it of course). And so hard that both cars were a total loss.
It wasn't my fault. Bad luck you might say. Luckily I wasn't seriously injured and neither was my passenger, although we both suffered the effects for weeks, headaches and backaches. And why am I going to write a piece about that on this site?
To share with everyone who reads this how nice (useful, pleasant) it is when you have learned how to let go. If you are able to actually accept the changed situation as quickly as possible and accept that it is different NOW than it was 5 minutes ago.
I was like someone with a nice car that had never been in an accident.
Now I'm someone without a car and I've had a hard blow. I'd be lying if I said I accepted it IMMEDIATELY!
Has that man gone mad, who now drives at 70 km pu without looking on or back on a priority road? On the drugs? Psychotic? Making a fight? My beautiful car shattered in one fell swoop! I can't do anything without a car! I'm moving! My back hurts, how could someone just do that to you! I'm on my way to an important business appointment! This is not possible!
Initially, there are all those tendencies to resist what just happened. Than to try it out

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