I am Liesbeth van Woerden, Dutch Transformative Life Coach, and I help people who always have been successful but are now temporarily stuck in their personal lives. I help them get unstuck.

You have always been enthusiastic and passionate about your company, job, or projects, which have always been sources of great satisfaction and purpose in your life.

But now you’re suddenly struggling with new and unfamiliar feelings that overwhelm or numb you. People say you’re either too much in your own head or too emotional. Possibly your intimate relationship is not what it used to be…

The formulas for success that used to work for you now don’t seem to make you happy.

Maybe you need some professional and loving guidance in the areas of your life that have been neglected, perhaps without your even knowing.

Maybe this is the right time and place
for a real change!

My Clients

"I've done the Release-Yourself' VIP program. For 3 months I have been focussing on what I really want in life and what it is that needs to change in order to be a happier person. Although I am very successful in my work I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my personal life. Doing this program has given me lots of tools to really get a close look at the limiting beliefs about myself and about the world. Without this closer look I would have never thought that those unconscious  sabotaging beliefs were actually destroying my life, my happiness. Liesbeth has made me realise that I was the creator of those beliefs whereas before that I thought the circumstances were to blame and there was nothing I could do about that. From feeling like a victim I went to being a Creator. Since I've learned HOW TO get rid of those beliefs my life is so much happier, I now have the tools to recognise and eliminate whatever patterns kept me stuck over the years."

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