I am Liesbeth van Woerden, Dutch Transformative Life Coach, and I help people who always have been successful but are now temporarily stuck in their personal lives. I help them get unstuck.

You have always been enthusiastic and passionate about your company, job, or projects, which have always been sources of great satisfaction and purpose in your life.

But now you’re suddenly struggling with new and unfamiliar feelings that overwhelm or numb you. People say you’re either too much in your own head or too emotional. Possibly your intimate relationship is not what it used to be…

The formulas for success that used to work for you now don’t seem to make you happy.

Maybe you need some professional and loving guidance in the areas of your life that have been neglected, perhaps without your even knowing.

Maybe this is the right time and place
for a real change!

My Clients

"I had a burn-out and panic attacks. Having been at home, not being able to work and too afraid to leave the house I found Liesbeth's website. I was especially looking for somebody who could help me to let go of old patterns because I knew my panic attacks had to do with an old trauma. After one session I knew that Liesbeth would be the right coach for me because of her strong intuition. She immediately went to the core of the matter and she understands the art of reflecting and mirroring so there was no more escape for me! All my usual escape routes were quickly seen through. She is involved, warm, truly interested and experienced in life. Liesbeth coaches from the heart and with her expertise she leads you onto a new path so that you can take new steps and implement that in life straight away. I am back to work again with enthusiasm and my panic attacks are over! If you are looking for a coach and you dare to jump into the unknown , go and do her program! Your life will change!"

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