Hey manager, how do you manage yourself?

Hey manager, how do you manage yourself?

A manager is only human. He has a private life, a family, he definitely has a body with its usual ups and downs, he has an emotional life. Managing his team is what he excels in, it’s his greatest joy and this is his expertise! Are you this guy who is a CEO or an entrepreneur or a top manager who easily puts aside his own issues, who never complains, who doesn’t procrastinate but who knows when to take the right actio                           

If there is nothing on this small list that you can identify with, fine, then just fill in what is appropriate for you. I can think of another 25 issues or problems. Just fill in what it is for you...
Maybe you slept less lately, escaped in sexual fantasies, were just a bit too angry with your kids, drunk a little too much or maybe you’ve been feeling sort of depressed. I really do not want to tell you that there is something wrong with you, all I want to say is that we have become so good in suppressing so called weaknesses that we do not even notice that something inside us really is asking for attention. Something wants to be seen, felt, heard, noticed. Until this moment it worked out pretty well to go into a higher gear or start another project or buy a new car for instance....But this article is for the person who knows that this is not the solution in the long run. That is why I am asking you : Are you living a happy and fulfilled life right now? What might come up when you ask yourself that question are the areas in your life where you experience challenges and maybe some uncomfortable feelings pop up. Notice and welcome those feelings, thoughts and sensations for a moment. This is difficult because you never did that before. 

Welcoming feelings that are considered negative is not something we have ever done before. We are used to make ourselves stronger and just move on and focus on happier thoughts or events. The painful feelings never get so much attention. Now what will happen if you recognize, notice , acknowledge those unwanted feelings? You get the following insight : All the time that those feelings were suppressed it got worse. And the better you have been in suppressing your emotions (not feel them, maybe not even being aware of them) the bigger the chance that the bomb will burst soon... And that’s not what you want. You want peace, control, happiness. And pretending to be happy, calm and focused while something else is going on                

will not do the job. The underlying negative belief or feeling rules your life and wants to be heard, seen, felt. Instead it has been ignored for such a long time...You trained yourself not to listen and instead put a positive layer over it.                            

Now what is the solution?
Welcome those unwanted hidden emotions and beliefs, give them some space and listen to their voice without judgment. In the welcoming process lies the solution. Things will slowly start unraveling, unfolding, dissipating... 

Making this a daily routine, a habit, is a great gift you can give yourself. It is the first step to happiness and a healthy life. 

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