Addictions keep us stuck

And I am not talking about alcohol or drug addictions. I am talking about behaviour and patterns we’ve created for ourselves that make us feel good (safe, comfortable etc.). Those that seem so normal and obvious to us (and most of the time to our environment) that we have no clue that this is addictive behaviour and that it keeps us stuck in our comfort zone. And maybe you have already read this somewhere:                    

REAL LIFE STARTS OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE One person’s comfort zone can be another one’s nightmare. 


I have a friend who tweets everyday that we need to get out of our comfort zone. She challenges herself (and others) everyday. I think being challenged and challenging others is her comfort zone. One day without turmoil, action, lots of people or great events and she is being confronted with loneliness, fears and emptiness. She panics until the next challenge, emotional roller coaster or busy event where she feels safe and happy. 


Without judging anybody’s comfort zone I think everybody should find out what their addictions are and what their comfort zone is (their self-built prison). 


What do you do every day to make yourself feel safe and comfortable and is this habit something
 that serves you well or does it make you feel stuck? If it feels comfortable you will usually at first think that it feels right. On second thought (or feeling) you may notice that the feeling of safety that your behavior provides you with is also your prison wall! So now what?????? 


Make a decision. Change one habit today. That’s all. 


Decide that it has been enough and do what it takes to quit, change, start or do whatever is necessary right now to change your habits. One small step can make a huge difference and can help you make an enormous change for the better. Just start with one habit! 


If you like, share (below this post) whatever it is that you decided to let go off today. Small, big, it doesn’t matter as long as it is something that feels comfortable now but keeps you from growing, expanding, be more peaceful and more successful and more of a genius!!! 



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