Why change is difficult
We all have this experience especially around the end of the year. We decide to change one of our bad habits.

Willpower helps us the first few days, sometimes weeks, to overcome the struggle and the pain that is being caused by our change of behaviour. One weak moment and we fall back to old patterns. Why? Because familiar memories “re-mind” us that we should have the same experiences all the time. Of course this is not a conscious ‘remembering’ but everything in your body-mind system knows : here is my toothbrush, this is my spouse, here is my coffee and all of this feels familiar. Breaking one or more habits will give your whole system a great collapse and your body will react!! And that is natural and logical. We have done things in a certainwayforyearsandyearsandsuddenlythereisthischange!And youwilltellyourself:“Itdoesn’t feel right to change... ” (what you actually tell yourself is : ” it doesn’t feel familiar, its doesn’t feel safe....) And once you listen to this apparently intuitive message that your new behavior doesn’t feel right, you slip back into old behavior! According to dr. Joe Dispenza we need to overcome three obstacles in order to really break our patterns:

• theenvironment • thebody
• time

There are a few ways to overcome those. One of them is releasing and letting go (more about that in other blogposts and articles on this site) The other way is meditation... Before you immediately leave this page let me explain what happens when you start every day with a meditation. You will first of all let go of your limiting thoughts (because you take the time to watch them, notice them, put them in the light and let them dissolve. ) Those thoughts can only rule your life as long as they are unconscious. And they do rule your life when they are unconscious! Making them conscious will have them dissipate. The next step in your meditation is to focus on what you do want. Ever noticed that most of the day we focus on what we do not want?

I do not want to smoke. I do not want to eat chips. I do not want to be afraid. I need to do this and that better. I should be there and not here....

And in the meantime all you are holding in mind is a picture of the cigarette, the chips, the accident, the failure. Your subconscious doesn’t know the word “not”. It just reacts to the pictures you provide it with.

So when you have practiced negative thinking for so many years you will now have to practice the opposite! Give yourself some time to create new thoughts (that will create new feelings and new behavior). Scientists have found out that you will at least need a period of 30 days to create a new habit. And now every morning you start feeling what you do want in life, you practice how you do want to feel instead of practicing how you do not want to feel.

Really understanding this will make you happily do a meditation every morning. Especially when the results are measurable within a few weeks!
Create your new reality, let go of the past and make change stick!!

When you combine a practice of meditation every morning together with releasing unwanted emotions and automatic behavior on the spot, you will certainly be very successful.

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