The Sedona Method

The worlds most effective, gentle and intelligent method to release and let go of limiting beliefs, unwanted feelings and unhelpful patterns.

    Unhappy? Overwhelmed? Numb?

    At a certain point in their lives and careers many successful people struggle with feeling overwhelmed and/or numb. They feel as if they’re drowning or they feel “nothing” at all which affects their overall presence at work and at home. They’ve lost the ability to articulate and share their vision or inspire and motivate others. Sometimes they are not having a happy family-life at this point. They need a change, a turn around, a helping hand!
    The Sedona Method is this helping hand!

Some call this “pre-burnout” or a midlife crisis...
I call it: “time to take the journey inside”.

I invite you to change yourself from the inside out instead of changing your outer circumstances

Imagine feeling great again! Getting up in the morning, inspired, enthusiastic and confident.
Being completely balanced, no matter who or what situation you are dealing with. Imagine living from the heart and being in touch with your desires, feelings and vigor again after this long period of feeling stuck. Wouldn’t that be great?

And not only that but the people you work and live with, staff-members, co-workers, colleagues, board- members or your spouse and children, actually will be inspired and engaged by your vision again!

Why are you overwhelmed right now, perhaps to the point of numbness? Why do you feel stuck or stressed out?
Where is the confident person you used to be?

First of all, no one ever probably properly told you that at a certain age or period in your life there will be times of “not knowing”, times of wanting to give up or give in or quit. And now this moment of “not knowingness” has arrived and you don’t know what to do. You’ve been so responsible and accountable for all these years, but now you might feel like quitting work, quitting your relationship, quitting all your responsibilities!

How can The Sedona Method help you?

This is where coaching with the Sedona Method comes in!

I help people who struggle with their emotional life as a result of having worked too hard and having ignored the physical (and psychological) signs of fatigue, exhaustion, breakdown etc. I provide you with the best tools, techniques and exercises to let go of unconscious beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve you! I teach you how to use The Sedona Method so that you will be able to release and access your inner enthusiasm again. Your happy self.

What is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is a powerful tool that helps you release unwanted feelings and thoughts, allowing you to experience more freedom, happiness, and success in your personal and professional life. This revolutionary approach was created by Lester Levenson and later refined and expanded by Hale Dwoskin, a respected personal growth expert and teacher, and is based on the principles of self-inquiry and non-dualism.

The history of the Method goes back to the 1970's and it is very interesting and inspiring to read Lester Levenson's story.

Today, the Sedona Method is used by individuals, therapists, coaches, and organizations worldwide, and has been endorsed by leading experts in the personal growth and spiritual fields. Whether you're looking to improve your relationships, enhance your career, or simply live a more fulfilling life, the Sedona Method can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.

On the official site, you can read all about the Method.

Here I will stick to how I can help you personally use the Method for your own personal and professional life.

    The program I have put together, using the Sedona Method, quickly and effortlessly moves you towards your goals. Right now, you might be out of balance but together we will bring balance to your life again and create new, healthy habits that will give you a sense of control, peace of mind, vigor and happiness. You will receive a truly sympathetic ear, plenty of releasing exercises, coaching, scientific background information (otherwise you won’t believe that it works ) and something that can best be described as a strong, loving and healing presence. In short, what I offer is powerful transformation coaching. 

Is This You

The people I work with have had successful lives but find themselves facing some profound questions. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Why am I successful but not really happy?
  • Is this what they call “empty nest syndrome”?
  • Is there a menopause for men as well?
  • Is this really all there is?
  • I am supposed to be happily married but I hardly dare to admit that I am not happy in my marriage
  • When I go to sleep I dread what I have to face the next morning
Liesbeth van Woerden

I have the greatest success with clients who:

  • Are open and ready for a huge change
  • Are willing to work with some very unexpected and unfamiliar tools
  • Understand that there is no better place or moment to start this work  than here and now
  • Recognize the power and wisdom of momentum
  • Know that they are here for a higher purpose and that this intelligence will be found in the heart rather than in the mind
  • Are willing to invest time and money to implement and embody what will be given to them during this Sedona Method coach-journey