I love to share with you some success stories of clients I served over the years.
If you have a story to tell please share yours. You are in good company!
Age 35-45

What My Clients Say

"I've done the Release-Yourself' VIP program. For 3 months I have been focussing on what I really want in life and what it is that needs to change in order to be a happier person. Although I am very successful in my work I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my personal life. Doing this program has given me lots of tools to really get a close look at the limiting beliefs about myself and about the world. Without this closer look I would have never thought that those unconscious  sabotaging beliefs were actually destroying my life, my happiness. Liesbeth has made me realise that I was the creator of those beliefs whereas before that I thought the circumstances were to blame and there was nothing I could do about that. From feeling like a victim I went to being a Creator. Since I've learned HOW TO get rid of those beliefs my life is so much happier, I now have the tools to recognise and eliminate whatever patterns kept me stuck over the years."
"When I met Liesbeth at a conference I immediately knew she was someone who could help me. Her vast insight, knowledge and experience into a variety of releasing and healing methods and her ability to relate so quickly to me and my personal experience has helped me to uncover the underlying 'program' under which I was operating. It became obvious that in every aspect of my life and my relationships my old program was very active! This awareness, together with her coaching on self-enquiry has dissolved the program and allowed me to see the patterns as they arise in day to day interactions. I am now much more patient and loving with myself and others as a result of her encouragement and teachings. The tools she has given me allow me to be the observer of my old program and it is dissolving... allowing me to feel the freedom from the old emotions and stories. It seems that everything is flowing beautifully in every way and i am quieter and enjoying my retirement even more as I enjoy more presence. I am so happy we met. It was my pleasure to know her and work with Liesbeth! Thank you so much."
"Liesbeth taught me how to allow and welcome my emotions. And in a way I could have never imagined... Feelings and emotions have always been a problem for me because I thought I had to suppress them in order to survive and that belief has costed me a lot of energy and made me feel unworthy and unhappy. After Liesbeth's coaching program my life changed and I know now how to handle my emotions instead of being victimised by them. I now have so much more confidence and I understand myself a lot better and make better decisions in my work and in my private life."
"My world fell apart after my husband died and the following months and years I could do nothing but work, work, work.......That was the only way not to feel the pain. I went to see another psychologist and did cognitive therapy for a year because I knew I had to mourn, grief, go to the feelings of loss. But all the talking never helped me. Finally after 2,5 years I found Liesbeth and her releasing-method. For the first time after my husband died I allowed myself to really feel what was there and the incredible thing happened, I finally felt better, more free, less alone! Because of her patience and her peaceful presence I could finally give myself the time to feel the grief and by feeling that I could get in touch with my happiness as well!! She gave me the courage to experience those feelings and that was in the end the only way to embrace my own new life again!"
"Liesbeth is my favourite coach. Her listening offers an enfoldment of acceptance that allows me to say things I did not know I thought or tell her things I have never told anyone else before. What I like best is that she follows me wherever my mind goes, never discounting what I myself might have discounted. This support enables me to trust more whatever comes up to awareness and go deeper and deeper. Finally Liesbeth wears no professional mask but remains authentic in her responses, her laughter and her tears. For me she is an ideal companion and guide, a wise presence and inspiring teacher."
"I had a burn-out and panic attacks. Having been at home, not being able to work and too afraid to leave the house I found Liesbeth's website. I was especially looking for somebody who could help me to let go of old patterns because I knew my panic attacks had to do with an old trauma. After one session I knew that Liesbeth would be the right coach for me because of her strong intuition. She immediately went to the core of the matter and she understands the art of reflecting and mirroring so there was no more escape for me! All my usual escape routes were quickly seen through. She is involved, warm, truly interested and experienced in life. Liesbeth coaches from the heart and with her expertise she leads you onto a new path so that you can take new steps and implement that in life straight away. I am back to work again with enthusiasm and my panic attacks are over! If you are looking for a coach and you dare to jump into the unknown , go and do her program! Your life will change!"