This life-changing program is a one-on-one service and consists of a well considered and proven step-by-step course for men and women who are or have been successful in business but currently find themselves unsatisfied with their lives.

In monthly meetings (live or via Skype) and weekly calls, we will implement a plan to get your life and happiness back. During this program, you will be excited about your life again, you will be more in touch with your feelings, know how to handle stress or feeling overwhelmed and regain your confidence and joie de vivre!

You will get weekly assignments. These action steps that you will be asked to take, may stress you a little, but don’t worry, they are designed to be achieved with confidence. Change will happen and the immediate benefits will be so rewarding!

The following is a rough outline. Because this is a one-on-one service, it will always be adapted and designed specifically for your situation.

Phase 1: Clean Up

Phase 2: Know Yourself

Phase 3: Awesome Creation

We start with where you are now, honestly and uncompromisingly. And this is actually a great starting point because from this moment on it will only get better!

You will learn from your “life story” -but without getting too deep; this is not psychotherapy. However, understanding where your limiting beliefs come from can be helpful. This way, together we will eliminate those beliefs. We will also acknowledge and localise your energy-takers.

Which thoughts, which events, what kind of people or places bring you down? Is there still a benefit in maintaining them? You will also find out about your addictions (negative self-talk, perhaps) and gain tools to free yourself from repetitive thoughts, habits and behavior.

What is actually your heart’s deepest desire? And will you be able to allow yourself to really be in touch with it? We are not talking about “desires” or “needs” that come from feeling some kind of lack. We are talking about what makes you happy, enthusiastic and fulfilled. What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Getting (back) in touch with this energy is the goal of this phase in the program.

What is your life purpose? This is a big question, but essential to a break-through. Once you know what your life purpose is, we can take the next step. In order to plan this route, you will have to find out where you want to go. You are now ready to take action, make some real changes and prepare to stick with those changes.

What is your end-game? By now, you know which direction to go. Together we will take action to get there – real life action. Along the way, I will teach you how to effortlessly release negative beliefs, feelings and patterns that have kept you from reaching your goal in the past and that will no doubt reappear.

We will do this together so that you will not fall back into your old patterns.

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