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My Awesome Choco Prince (A Story Of Victory And Guilt)

It was 1958, I  just turned four years old and I visited Kindergarten. This was me. In Kindergarten, when it was somebody's birthday, the teachers used to get a nice piece of chocolate, a big biscuit or a piece of cake. The kids got a tiny sweet little sweetie. Nice….better than nothing…..but not awesome or [...]

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In which area of your life do you feel stuck?

I ask you this question because I would love to know what it really is that my readers and clients are struggling with. For instance, many of my clients struggle with perfectionism. Of course there are things that just need to be perfect. A wedding dress or heart surgery for instance. This is not the kind [...]

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Addictions keep us stuck

And I am not talking about alcohol or drug addictions. I am talking about behaviour and patterns we've created for ourselves that make us feel good (safe, comfortable etc.). Those that seem so normal and obvious to us (and most of the time to our environment) that we have no clue that this is addictive behaviour [...]

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Why change is difficult

We all have this experience especially around the end of the year. We decide to change one of our bad habits. Willpower helps us the first few days, sometimes weeks, to overcome the struggle and the pain that is being caused by our change of behaviour. One weak moment and we fall back to old [...]

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