Using the challenges in life as opportunities to grow instead of being victimized by them has been the greatest gift I’ve given to myself.

When I was a little (curious) girl and a group of gypsies came to our village to set up their camp, I went there and invited them to our house.
I was excited to discover that life was so much bigger than our small family and our village!

My deep interest in other cultures continued in the 70’s  and at a pretty young age I traveled to India because that was where I thought  true wisdom could be found. And of course this wisdom presented itself in the form of the guru! (That was Osho)
Later in life, I found out that the guru can be found in everything that happens in life. Even though I had many good teachers throughout my life, the real guru is the relationship, kids, illness, loneliness, divorce, disease or the death of a loved one.

Life has its ups and downs. For most of us, life merely seems to be about having (and keeping) as many “ups” as possible and avoiding the “downs” as best as we can. And this takes up -and wastes- so much of our precious energy.

Noticing and acknowledging our automatic patterns, habits and behaviors that we created to gain happiness and avoid pain is the first step.

It would be a joy and privilege to guide you along this path of finding your true nature. I’d love to help you let go of of blaming and judging and beating up yourself (and/or your environment) and help you discover who you really are.

I’ve helped many people find their limiting beliefs and let them unfold, unravel and dissipate.

The result of working together is that there will be clarity and transparency where right now there is chaos and uncertainty.

Once you are unstuck, you will be able again to have access to joy, happiness and bliss!


  • Certified Sedona Method Coach
  • The Healing Codes
  • EFT
  • EMDR
  • Quantum Touch
  • Morty Lefkoe’s Belief Process
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza : Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself